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Steelcon SIN Beam EPD

Steelcon is pleased to assist our clients in achieving their carbon goals through the creation of a product-specific Type III EPD for SIN Beam



Or via the Smart EPD Platform:

Or via the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (“EC3”) tool


What is an EPD?

According to the EPD International System, a global programme for Environmental Declarations, EPDs transparently report objective, comparable and third-party verified data about products and services' environmental performances from a lifecycle perspective.


Why did Steelcon produce an EPD?

As an industry leader in structural steel, Steelcon has been watching the transition to net zero in the construction industry very closely and we are constantly questioning and examining how we can support our clients in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Facing challenges related to the availability of product-specific EPDs for fabricated structural steel, Steelcon recognized an opportunity to assist our clients in achieving their carbon goals through the creation of a product-specific Type III EPD for SIN Beam.


How are EPDs produced?

The Steelcon SIN Beam EPD is based on an independent, critically reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of SIN Beam’s production life cycle, from the initial raw materials through to transportation and manufacturing. Due to usage variety, the “use” and “end of life” impact of SIN Beam’s life cycle is not recorded in this EPD. SIN Beam’s LCA utilized Steelcon data from the resources used, waste/emissions generated, and data associated with the transport of raw materials.


What standards exist for EPDs and does the Steelcon SIN Beam EPD comply?

The Steelcon SIN Beam EPD was produced in conformance with stringent Type III ecolabel requirements established by the International Standards Organization and the general program requirements of EPD program provider.


Are there different “types” of EPDs?

Yes, and not all EPDs are created equal. There are a variety of EPD standards and types, including generic (industry wide) and product specific, as well as EPDs that have received third-party external verification (Type III) and EPDs that have not undertaken verification (Type II). Product-specific EPDs that have been third-party externally verified are valued higher by building certification schemes such as LEED due to their increased accuracy and specificity and are therefore worth more points.

The Steelcon SIN Beam EPD is a product-specific Type III EPD.


Can I compare the Steelcon SIN Beam EPD to other EPDs for steel beams?

Environmental declarations from different programs (ISO 14025) may not be comparable. Comparison of the environmental performance of products using EPD information shall be based on the product’s use and impacts at the building level, and therefore EPDs may not be used for comparability purposes when not considering the whole building life cycle. EPD comparability is only possible when all stages of a life cycle have been considered. However, variations and deviations are possible. Example of variations: Different LCA software and background LCI datasets may lead to differences results for upstream or downstream of the life cycle stages declared. The environmental impact results of steel products in this document are based on a declared unit and therefore do not provide sufficient information to establish comparisons. The results shall not be used for comparisons without knowledge of how the physical properties of the steel product impact the precise function at the construction level. The environmental impact results shall be converted to a functional unit basis before any comparison is attempted.

Do EPDs expire and how often are they reviewed?

The Steelcon SIN Beam EPD is valid for a five-year period from publication. An annual review is required to stay in compliance with the EPD program and to ensure the EPD accurately reflects the product sold on the market.


Can Steelcon provide any other EPDs?

At this time, we can provide the Steelcon SIN Beam EPD and if available, EPDs from the mills where our raw materials are ordered from. As members of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), we are also able to use AISC industry-average EPDs. 

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